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Lacanche 25th Anniversary London to Paris Charity Cycle Ride

Lacanche 25th Anniversary London to Paris Charity Cycle Ride

In 1992 at what was the beginning of the range cooker market, the first Lacanche range cooker appeared on these shores. 25 years on and Lacanche is celebrated in the UK as a robust reliable range cooker which will give many years of service.

So how do we celebrate the silver anniversary of Lacanche in the UK? Personally, I would have been perfectly happy with a rather good dinner and a few bottles of Burgundy. However, I do have a particularly exuberant colleague, who one day last year burst into my office and announced that we should undertake the London to Paris cycle ride. Of course, I dismissed the suggestion and went back to thinking about the dinner and the Burgundy wine.

Now for those of you who know me, being 5ft 9in, slightly plump over 50 male, the thought of me dressed head to toe in lyrca must be hilarious! Personally, like my wife, I find it very distressing. I have always prided myself on a heathy dislike for exercise, especially cycling. You are exposed to the weather, traffic and you always arrive at your destination covered in sweat looking like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards. Anything that requires an anti-chafe cream is just wrong. I just don’t get it. The irony is that my exuberant colleague Candice (who is fitter and younger than me) also hates cycling.

After many, many months of constant badgering from Candice and much to the amusement of my fellow Directors, I finally agreed to undertake what I know is going to be a very painful experience. On the 31st of May Candice and I will be on the start line at the Greenwich Observatory for the 278 mile sponsored ride to Paris.

Sponsorship is always an issue. I mean just what charities do you give too. There are just so many, all very worthy causes. After much debate and research, we have chosen two. Cancer Research UK and REACT.

Everyone knows of someone who has had to deal with cancer. At Fourneaux de France we have watched and tried to support a colleague who’s Wife has been desperately ill for over a year. Thankfully she is now on the road to a full recovery. The appeal of Cancer Research UK, is they fund research that the large pharmaceutical companies will not undertake. Presumably because it is too expensive and they cannot guarantee their return. It is worth visiting www.cancerresearch.uk.org and reading about their Grand challenge Award. It’s bold in its ambition and only with bold thinking in research will we make headway against this dreadful disease.

REACT is not a large charity. It helps children with a life-limiting illness and supports their families. I couldn’t begin to imagine having a child with a life limiting illness and also have to manage day to day life. When I examined their accounts it is clear that they raise money and spend all of it.

We would also like to thank the owners and Directors of Fourneaux de France Ltd, who have paid for our entrance fees for this event and have made a contribution to the purchase of the bikes. We are such appalling cyclist that we didn’t even own a bicycle. It means that all the money raised will be going to the two charities.

If you wish to donate then please visit our Justgiving page:
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

So we ask that you dig deep and give generously for our two charities. Safe in the knowledge that they are worthy causes and that Candice and I are suffering Lycra, anti- chafe cream, and mile after mile of winter training.

Thank you

Steven Fielding
Fourneaux de France Ltd

Cancer Research UKReact CharityLacanche 25th Anniversary London to Paris Charity Cycle Ride

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