We have been asked by a number of potential customers, questions relating to Brexit and the purchase of their new Lacanche Range.


Q: “If I order and pay for my new cooker now will I have to pay any extra tariff should we leave the European Union on the 31st January 2020?”

A: No, if you have ordered your new Lacanche before the 31st January and we leave without a deal with tariffs imposed, the additional cost of any tariffs will be borne by Fourneaux de France Ltd and Société Industrielle Lacanche. The costs of any import tariff will not be passed onto you. 


Q: “Could my Lacanche Range be delayed at customs?”

A: That is always possible. However, we have been working with our shipping partners and have registered for Transitional Simplified Procedures. We are constantly reviewing and acting upon the latest guidance. Effectively, we are as prepared as we can be at this time to minimise any possible disruption. 


Q: “Will the three-year warranty still be valid?”

A: Yes, the warranty for your Lacanche is operated by Fourneaux de France Ltd a UK company.


Q: “Will you be able to provide spare parts?”

A: Yes, we hold in stock four month’s supply of electro-mechanical spare parts for all Lacanche range cookers.


Q: “If I order after the 31st January could the retail price go up?”

A: That is possible, It would be dependent on the value of sterling and if any import tariffs are imposed.


Since 1979, Fourneaux de France Ltd has been importing into the United Kingdom. We were importing Lacanche range cookers prior to the implementation of the Maastricht Treaty and we will continue to import and support Lacanche range cookers should the United Kingdom leave the European Union. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Steven Fielding


Fourneaux de France Ltd

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