Hob Top Accessories

Ridged Griddle Plate £210.00

Ridged Griddle Plate

These griddle plates enable you to sear and griddle food just like in a commercial kitchen. If you want perfectly striped steaks, beautifully grilled chops or liver, Mediterranean-style grilled vegetables, then this is what you need. It is of heavy construction and designed to withstand very high temperatures for real griddle work. It sits over two gas burners, and lifts on and off the panstands. Dimensions 510 x 260mm.

Smooth Griddle Plate £230.00

Smooth Griddle Plate

This enamelled cast iron smooth griddle plate sits over two gas burners, on top of the pan stand. It is ideal for English breakfasts, fried eggs, Welsh cakes etc. It is also ideal for searing and griddling fish, meat, shellfish and vegetables. By adjusting each of the two burners it is easy to fine-tune the heat of this sizeable griddle plate.

Simmer Plate £200.00

Simmer Plate

The Small Simmer Plate (510 x 260mm) sits over a pair of gas burners, in place of the pan stands. It diffuses the heat form the burners (which is variable) offering a large cooking area on which pans can be shuffled around, with variable heat zones, ideal for simmering. If you’re accustomed to a solid hob, this is the same type of idea, but with infinite control.

Wok Ring £78.00

Wok Ring

The Lacanche wok ring sits over any of our gas burners. The wok ring also fits neatly into the recess of the traditional hob once the centreplate has been removed, allowing full open flame cooking on a traditional hob. It is of sturdy design, providing stability for even the largest wok and is enamelled in the same tough finish as the pan stands to give a smart uniform appearance.

Trivet £26.00


The trivet is a small metal crosspiece which sits over our 1.5kW, 3kW and 4kW gas burners to support smaller pans. It is enamelled in the same tough finish as the pan stands to give a smart uniform appearance.

Traditional Hob Cover (Stainless Steel) £130.00

Hob Cover

This is a simple but very smart cover for the traditinal hob. When the solid centre hob (traditional hob) is not in use, it finishes the hob’s appearance with style. Stainless steel to match the cooker hob.

End Grain Chopping Board (for multi cooker) £250.00

Chopping Board

The robust end grain chopping board is designed to sit over a multi cooker when the multi cooker is not being used, offering convenient preparation space right on the cooker.

Gastro Steamer Tray with Lid £90.00

Large Gastro Steamer

These perforated trays are used for steaming food in the multi cooker. They come with lids. Two medium trays can be used at the same time in the multi cooker or one large tray.

Gastro Boiling Basket £150.00

Boiling Baskets

These are used for boiling and simmering food - pasta, vegetables, shellfish etc - in the mulit cooker. Easy to handle, these perferated baskets allow water to drain after cooking.

Up to four of the small-sized baskets may be used at the same time, or up to two in conjunction with one medium sized basket.

Up to two of the medium-sized baskets may be used at any one time in the multi cooker, or a combination of one of these medium sized baskets along with up to two small baskets at the same time.


Gastro Container with Lid £90.00

Bain Marie

This is a container for use on the multi cooker for bain marie cooking - ideal for gentle heat for sauces, delicate custards and melting chocolate etc. Also very useful for keeping cooked food warm prior to serving. Four small or two medium or a single large of these can be used at the same time in the multi cooker.

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