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We bought our cooker in December 1993, so it is almost 20 years old. We do a lot of entertaining and the Lacanche has coped admirably with every task we have thrown at it. We had it serviced a couple of years ago, for the first time since we bought it, and all it needed was a new burner for the right hand oven and new door seals on the ovens. It still looks fantastic and is admired by everyone. It has a real presence in the kitchen and continues to perform brilliantly.

If we ever move house and need a new cooker, a new Lacanche will be top of the list.

-John & Carol S



I have a few images to share with you of our Lacanche at home. I'm a sculptor and create fish and wildlife in stainless steel. It was important to me that any range we put into our new build kitchen was solid and up to the job, the only one suitable was a Lacanche. Hope you like the images. www.jasonsweeney.co.uk

-Jason Sweeny

Lacanche Avalon

‘Lacanche Avalon’

So we chose our glorious ,beautiful blue Lacanche stove first and only then did we design the whole kitchen around it. Why wouldn't you ?
Then came the Crittall windows .
Crittall and Lacanche what a combination .

Carol Lake Studio 91 Norwich

-Carol Lake

Lacanche Macon

‘Lacanche Macon’

The Lacanche Macon has exceeded expectations and offers a stunning focal point for our new kitchen. It was fitted on time, without fuss or mess and we even had a hands on tutorial to get us started. We can't fault the manufacture or the service from Carvers.


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